The most Reliable Energy Saving Device - Propeller Boss Cap Fins


5% Fuel Efficiency - the Pride of the Inventor

Design comparison

Advanced PBCF is launched by the pioneer of ESD with the 30 years of experience in all over the world.

  • ・Launched in May 2017
  • ・More than 350 orders (as of Aug, 2021)
従来型 改良型

Improved Effect

Improved Effect

Effect of PBCF has been improved, such as reducing resistance by eliminating the hub vortex, increasing thrust with the ground effect, and gives the fins a strong push in the same direction as the main propeller rotation.

Advanced PBCF – Proven Effect on Actual Vessels –

Confirmed approx. 5% improvement in fuel savings on the modern eco-ship. (additional +2% compared to the conventional type)

28,000 DWT Bukl Carrier
68,00 DWT LPG Tanker
35,000 DWT Chemical Tanker

Experience of Afloat Installation

Experience of Afloat Installation

If it is possible to adjust the trim and lift propeller boss above the water level, there is no need for waiting PBCF installation until next dry docking.
Many PBCF have been installed on various type of ships at afloat condition. Evaluating the effect on PBCF with 3 sister VLCCs.

320,000 DWT VLCC (Laden)
320,000 DWT VLCC (Ballst)

In a case of afloat installation, the improvement can be seen obviously since there is no modification other than PBCF.
We perform voyage data analysis of before/after PBCF installation as our service.

Combined Effect of PBCF and Other Energy Saving Devices

The effect of energy saving was confirmed to increase in combination with advanced PBCF and other energy saving devices.

Energy Saving Effect

Persistent Efforts as the Original Inventor

By the simulation of full scale ship wake flow at the model test, the energy saving effect of PBCF in full scale can be confirmed.

Confirmed more than 4% improvement at the model test using the simulated propeller inflow in the real ship.

320,000 DWT VLCC (Laden)
320,000 DWT VLCC (Ballst)
Effect of PBCF
PBCF 模形効果計測試験(逆POT)

Contributing to the Marine Environmental Protection by Underwater Noise Reduction

Confirmed the reduction of underwater noise by the tank test with advanced PBCF (abt. 5 dB). The first energy saving device certified by Port of Vancouver as a noise quieting technology.

Effect of PBCF
PBCF 模形効果計測試験(逆POT)

In PBCF equipped condition, the underwater radiation noise was confirmed to be reduced by around 5db in range from 100 to 1000kHz.