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Meeting Higher Needs for Environmental Protection by Further Improving Energy-saving Performance

The new type of PBCF was jointly developed by MOL, Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen) Inc., and MOL Techno-Trade. The new design enhances propeller thrust and reduces torque thanks to refinements in fin shape and height. The energy-saving performance of the new type of PBCF is improved more than the previous design.

The new PBCF

The new PBCF (inside red circle)

Comparison of the conventional type and the new type
conventional type and the new type

The improved performance of the new type of PBCF has been confirmed through CFD data analysis and voyage data analysis on MOL vessels. The new PBCF design has already been patented around the world. While global environmental protection is in the spotlight today, demand for the new PBCF is increasing not only for its energy-saving performance, but also as an environmentally friendly technology.

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